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Daily Diary Entry – March 8, 2013

Got a nice old fashioned lecture today on how Madonna doesn’t have an ego because she studies Kabbalah…I was in an interview, so instead of stabbing myself in the forehead with the plastic fork that they gave me for the grossly over priced tomato and basil pasta salad that I ordered, I just smiled and nodded most assuredly…why does this crap happen to me; I said a little prayer, prior to touch down, that he not be loony tunes and Santa made sure that I got those light up sneakers from the poor black girl across the way…it’s just not fair; I thought that I was in the clear…positive thoughts, positive thoughts…ok, I will cut you some slack because A. you sound like you are from another country, even though you have been here for 45 years, and maybe I can’t really understand you because I can’t understand you, or I do understand you, but I choose to remain in denial because that’s the dumbest thing that anyone has ever said, B. I want this job and I could probably actually do this job because I would be mandamnfandabulous at it, C. you are a fellow artist and you and I both know that we are all supposed to be nuts…

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Artist of many mediums, lover, dreamer, thriver...drinker of fine malts; the chocolate ones that is.

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