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I have been asked a million times to define love…how do I define love…well, this is how I define it…there are few people that I have loved in my life…really, truly loved…I never knew love…my parents were fucked up people who gave love to each other and with held it from me…and then you gave me love like I had never known…and then you with held it from me…and often times I wonder how that makes you feel…I tried to make it right with you…I tried to forgive you, but you cut me from the rose like I drew blood from your stem…and all I can feel now is the emptiness that bleeds me from within.  And I wonder if you can even feel at all anymore…?

©2013 Regan McCoy All Rights Reserved


About Regan

Artist of many mediums, lover, dreamer, thriver...drinker of fine malts; the chocolate ones that is.

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