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April 30, 2013-Daily Diary Entry

Went to the Grocery Outlet to get more poison for my body.  There’s no end to the comedy that lies in between the aisles here…sandwiched in between the crappy stale chocolate eggs and the dog vibrators I hear a woman yell to another woman in a walker chair, “now don’t you go anywhere, you hear.”  As if the 8500 year old woman who was positioned right in the middle of the checkout aisles was going to zoom off in her crotch rocket and get lost on the island.  If you’re going to park her somewhere could you do it where there’s less traffic; like the parking lot.

©2013 Regan McCoy All Rights Reserved


About Regan

Artist of many mediums, lover, dreamer, thriver...drinker of fine malts; the chocolate ones that is.

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