A Woman’s Job

A woman’s job is not to wear lace, wear high heels, or shave her pussy, for a man…a woman’s job is not to exist solely for a man, because that would be distinctly depressing.  I don’t wake up every day thinking, gee how can I make myself uncomfortable as hell, for a man…hey here’s an idea, why don’t you guys wear high heels, and shave your balls, and then see how you like it.


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Watching Sports

Watching sports is so boring that I would rather shoot myself in the head and bleed out all over my Monopoly money.  And why is it that guys online always ask you if you’re into watching sports??? No, ass wad, I’m not into watching sports, because I am a woman and I’d rather beat you at them in person.

©2013 Regan McCoy All Rights Reserved

Paper Money

You know what is completely asinine?  Paper money.  Oh, we’re in debt?  Really???  Um, well ok, why don’t you just print some more paper money and then we’re all good…I mean for real??  WTF!?  People are killing themselves and other people because they don’t have enough paper money to pay the bills?  People are working dead end jobs to make paper money to pay the bills?  The IRS takes all of your paper money away to pay for the government’s fuck ups?  Really!?  It’s PAPER people.  Hey, guess what…fuck you.  I am going to take a leaf from the plant in the hallway of this hotel, wipe my ass with it and call it money, and then I’m going to pay you to go fuck yourself with it.  

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It’s Never a Good Thing When…

Ok, so it’s never a good thing when people say that you are a ‘free spirit.’ I had someone once tell me that they were not surprised that I wasn’t married, because I was such a free spirit…seriously???  All that means is that someone really thinks that you are a spiraling artist fuck head who has been sniffing paint so long that she can barely spell her own name anymore.  It’s like a back handed compliment, except it isn’t one.  It’s like a diplomatic way to say, hey, you really are fucked, but if I say free spirit it’ll make you feel better.  I guess that free spirits don’t need to be married because they are free to be with themselves all day and all night…isn’t that special.  Yeah, I’m a free spirit all right…and I am also a free thinker who thinks that people who say ‘free spirit’ should shut the fuck up.

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What’s Become of Us?

What has become of us?  We idolize stupid, talentless people.  We put famous people on pedastals.  We value looks and money above all else.  We care about what labels people are wearing.  We care about Iphones and I this and that.  We care about what people look like on paper rather than who the hell they really are.  We care about bullshit and I am ashamed.


© 2013 Regan McCoy All Rights Reserved