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It’s Never a Good Thing When…

Ok, so it’s never a good thing when people say that you are a ‘free spirit.’ I had someone once tell me that they were not surprised that I wasn’t married, because I was such a free spirit…seriously???  All that means is that someone really thinks that you are a spiraling artist fuck head who has been sniffing paint so long that she can barely spell her own name anymore.  It’s like a back handed compliment, except it isn’t one.  It’s like a diplomatic way to say, hey, you really are fucked, but if I say free spirit it’ll make you feel better.  I guess that free spirits don’t need to be married because they are free to be with themselves all day and all night…isn’t that special.  Yeah, I’m a free spirit all right…and I am also a free thinker who thinks that people who say ‘free spirit’ should shut the fuck up.

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Artist of many mediums, lover, dreamer, thriver...drinker of fine malts; the chocolate ones that is.

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