My name is Regan…I am an Artist of sorts…I create many different forms of art…however, this blog is an outlet for my first love-writing…a place for spouting off as I see fit…there’s no one style for me-I don’t like to be pigeon holed and why would I…I don’t always have sex the same way, or eat the same thing every day, so why the hell would I self-express the same way all of the time!?  I am not one for rules of grammar, or rules period when it comes to writing, or any other form of art…I like dots at the end of my sentences, I like incomplete sentences and I like to make up words…however oddly enough spelling mistakes annoy the shit out of me…because I always won the spelling bees, I suppose.

I know a little about a lot and lot about nothing, so it should work out all right.

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