Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day to you.  Happy Motherless Fuck You With a Toaster Oven in Your Vagina Day and Fuck You Too.

Just kidding, I love Mother’s Day…it makes me feel like a motherless virgin all over again.

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Schools That Rip You Off and Teach You Jack Shit

If one more person tells me that they are going to school to become a “Life Coach” I am going to shoot myself in the head…I mean, it’s inevitable.  What is with the majority of ‘schools’ popping up everywhere that are ripping people off left and right for things like, “life coaching?”  Isn’t it bad enough that so many kids have to go into debt for the rest of their lives just to pay for some ‘real’ schooling (fake schooling that everyone accepts as real schooling), when most education should be free to begin with!?  What the hell is wrong with people?  You can teach yourself ANYTHING; within reason.  And, I can assure you that if you ever shot through the baby canal to get here, then you already are a certified “Life Coach.”  This is the school of life and everyone is in it; you don’t have to pay some fake school $80,000 to get a b.s. certificate…odds are you already have a bunch of b.s. certificates hanging on your wall to begin with.

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Look, I don’t care if you fucked your brother, or if you held yourself hostage with a tampon…it’s called abuse and it’s ugly.  It makes you ugly.  It makes everything you do ugly.  It makes people see you as ugly.  It makes God use baby wipes when he holds you in his arms because you are ugly.  And everything that I judge you on is based upon whether or not that spell is broken…because I no longer want to be ugly.

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Emotional Abuse-Two Parents vs. One Child and No One Believes You

This goes out to any child/adult who has suffered from these experiences…I didn’t have anyone who could fathom what I was living through when I was growing up, or well into my adult years either…abuse is hard core…whether it’s physical, or mental; they both cut just as deep.  And I am not condoning physical abuse in any way, shape, or form but I personally think that mental abuse is extremely insidious because you don’t really have proof that anything was ever really done to you…so, it just sits there locked inside your head…and what I really want to address here is when two parents abuse one child…it is bad enough to be abused by members of your family, but when you have no one to witness what was done to you, and you have no one on your side, it can completely destroy you…from the inside out…

The message here is that you are not alone…I know that it sounds trite and once upon a time I probably would have scoffed at someone saying that crap to me too…but, it’s true…and now that we have blogs and have been afforded the ability to babble non-stop and peacock our expert advice all over the internet to anyone who stops by, I thought that it was high time that I at least chime in about something that may of service to someone in pain, or in need.  I felt very alone growing up because of the abuse that I received.  I felt like no one understood anything that was actually transpiring for me on a daily basis…I was an only child and I also was not close to anyone in my extended family at all either…so, no one had my back there ever…it was hard for me to get close to other people because most of the stuff that I confessed sounded completely insane to others…you know when someone is describing some random act of nuttiness performed by another and the person that is listening is thinking, “wtf…what did they do to deserve that…?”  Well, the truth could be: absolutely nothing…sometimes other people are just not right in the head…and that’s the truth; plain and simple…

What can be about 80 billion times worse is when the people who have been abusing you are phenomenal actors/actresses who have several sides to their personalities; who are well liked by almost everyone they come in contact with…so, the average joe would never suspect them of anything, because they seem like the model citizen to others…I even remember some of my friends saying to me, “Your parents are so cool; I wish they were mine!”

Now whenever I stood up to the abuse, which was almost daily, I was repeatedly laughed at and told that I was crazy, that it was all in my head, and that no one would ever believe me…both parents hand in hand; witnesses and enablers of one and other’s abusive atrocities…

That is enough to really weaken and disable someone’s positive belief system about themselves and the world at large…

So, if you are that person, or people…I say to you…I am sorry that you are living the nightmare and I am sorry if you do not feel loved…it has been a long, laborious process and journey for me thus far and I have come a long way, but I still have a long way to go; in terms of healing…I have had to subtract myself from toxicity by blood and learn to re-parent myself with no prototypes of a loving family whatsoever…basically what that boils down to is purposely orphaning myself and starting from scratch…

If you are alone for the holidays because of a parallel deal, I urge you to begin to try and re-align yourself and to try and muster up some kind of vision for moving forward in your life…staying stuck in it can get pretty ugly…and know that you are not alone…that people can sometimes do shitty things and yes, people lie/act and perform all kinds of heinous acts that others have no clue about; behind closed doors and for your eyes only…and I am sorry that you do have a clue about it; as I do…and please know this…you did nothing to deserve any of it; ever…nothing…absolutely nothing…and even if the whole world doesn’t believe you; I do.