What Has Become of Us?

What has become of us?  People idolize other people with no real talent.  People put famous people on pedastals.  People value looks and money above all else.  People care about what labels people are wearing.  People care about Iphones and I this and I that.  People care about what people look like on paper rather than who they really are.  People care about that ugly baby picture that they posted on Facebook.  People care about running around with their hair on fire, so that they can to Starbucks before it closes.  People care about quick fixes and quick spiritual boosts.  People care about fake food.  People care about fake history.  People care about fake religion.  People care about having a fake government control how they live, because they don’t want to stand up for themselves instead.  People care about fake teaching in schools.  People care about paying for things that should just be basic human allowances and basic human rights.  People care about fake medical practices.  People care about controlling relationships when they can’t even control themselves.  People care about lying to the world because the inner demons are too ugly to share.  People care about complaining all of the time because they are too lazy to do the real work that it takes to change their lives.  People care about self-medicating with drugs (including sugar/zoning out on television, etc.) because they want the distractions to take them away from the pain and the uncomfortable reality that is their actual life.

All of these distractions and meaningless ways of existing take people away from their higher purpose and calling in life.

Isn’t it about time to get REAL?


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