Artists Who Have to Pay to Enter Juried Shows, etc.

Hi People,

My two cents that I wish would total billions:

I am just guessing here, but Artists probably want to share their art with the world, and perhaps even sell it.  Requiring Artists to have to pay through the nose, to enter juried shows, etc. is completely asinine.

The whole point to entering those shows is probably to make some money; not to go broke before you even start.  It’s not going to cost anyone thousands of dollars to actually open my photos.  And if these shows are already getting a cut of your profit anyway, then why the hell are they trying to scam you in the front end to?

I am going to start my own art show called, “Just give me your money, I don’t give a fuck about the actual art.  At least that’s a little more honest than pretending to look at a myriad of “costly” submissions, only to pocket that money and go buy myself a hooker.

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What’s Become of Us?

What has become of us?  We idolize stupid, talentless people.  We put famous people on pedastals.  We value looks and money above all else.  We care about what labels people are wearing.  We care about Iphones and I this and that.  We care about what people look like on paper rather than who the hell they really are.  We care about bullshit and I am ashamed.


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