What Has Become of Us?

What has become of us?  People idolize other people with no real talent.  People put famous people on pedastals.  People value looks and money above all else.  People care about what labels people are wearing.  People care about Iphones and I this and I that.  People care about what people look like on paper rather than who they really are.  People care about that ugly baby picture that they posted on Facebook.  People care about running around with their hair on fire, so that they can to Starbucks before it closes.  People care about quick fixes and quick spiritual boosts.  People care about fake food.  People care about fake history.  People care about fake religion.  People care about having a fake government control how they live, because they don’t want to stand up for themselves instead.  People care about fake teaching in schools.  People care about paying for things that should just be basic human allowances and basic human rights.  People care about fake medical practices.  People care about controlling relationships when they can’t even control themselves.  People care about lying to the world because the inner demons are too ugly to share.  People care about complaining all of the time because they are too lazy to do the real work that it takes to change their lives.  People care about self-medicating with drugs (including sugar/zoning out on television, etc.) because they want the distractions to take them away from the pain and the uncomfortable reality that is their actual life.

All of these distractions and meaningless ways of existing take people away from their higher purpose and calling in life.

Isn’t it about time to get REAL?


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The Monterey Peninsula – The Real Review

I fondly refer to the Monterey Peninsula as Bermuda Triangle dos.  The Monterey Peninsula is full of people who are going absolutely nowhere, or who want to purposely disappear because they are tired of being somewhere.

This is no place to further your career, unless you are into ass clownery, or aquatics.

This is no place to date unless you want to date the same two guys that are left here because they could not make it in hell.  You would find many more prospects, and infinitely better ones, at the boys town YMCA.

There is no night life here whatsoever, so please don’t plan on going out unless you want to go to the same two places over and over and over and over and over and over again.  And not unless you want to listen to the same music (jazz, or blues) over and over and over and over and over and over again.  Do not plan on a sophisticated atmosphere, or sophisticated clientele either; plan for the same two guys that I mentioned before, tourists who want to “screw you while they’re here,” or a plethora of beer guzzling military boys who want to “screw you while they’re here.”  Either way you are absolutely screwed while you’re here.

Our weather is fucking retarded.  It’s completely backwards.  All of the locals laugh at the tourists who come in the summer because we have the worst weather in the summer and the best weather in September/October, etc.  You have to wear tons of layers whenever you go out because it will be sunny on one side of the street, cloudy & rainy on the other side, and then windy in the middle.

They took the carousel away, so as far as I am concerned the entertainment is gone.  You can go the aquarium if you want, but unless you like kids-which no one does-you will hate it.

The next person who says to me, “Oh, but it’s so beautiful here” is going to get served a plate full of shut the fuck up, along side some of our well known clam chowder, and a spoon to gag themselves with.

It is a well known saying among the people who grew up here that so and so “got out.”   Or they that so and so left, but somehow came back and are ready to kill themselves at a moments notice.  You know where they also say that?  JAIL.

All that being said, the one thing that I can recommend with complete confidence, is the ample amount of scenic areas that there are here to come and off yourself at.

So, come one, come all…just be sure that you have a round trip ticket to get the hell out of here after you’ve had your fill.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day to you.  Happy Motherless Fuck You With a Toaster Oven in Your Vagina Day and Fuck You Too.

Just kidding, I love Mother’s Day…it makes me feel like a motherless virgin all over again.

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Schools That Rip You Off and Teach You Jack Shit

If one more person tells me that they are going to school to become a “Life Coach” I am going to shoot myself in the head…I mean, it’s inevitable.  What is with the majority of ‘schools’ popping up everywhere that are ripping people off left and right for things like, “life coaching?”  Isn’t it bad enough that so many kids have to go into debt for the rest of their lives just to pay for some ‘real’ schooling (fake schooling that everyone accepts as real schooling), when most education should be free to begin with!?  What the hell is wrong with people?  You can teach yourself ANYTHING; within reason.  And, I can assure you that if you ever shot through the baby canal to get here, then you already are a certified “Life Coach.”  This is the school of life and everyone is in it; you don’t have to pay some fake school $80,000 to get a b.s. certificate…odds are you already have a bunch of b.s. certificates hanging on your wall to begin with.

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Look, I don’t care if you fucked your brother, or if you held yourself hostage with a tampon…it’s called abuse and it’s ugly.  It makes you ugly.  It makes everything you do ugly.  It makes people see you as ugly.  It makes God use baby wipes when he holds you in his arms because you are ugly.  And everything that I judge you on is based upon whether or not that spell is broken…because I no longer want to be ugly.

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Craigslist Jobs-Best Job Ever

Craigslist Jobs-Best Job Ever

I may have just stumbled upon the best job ever!

So, apparently in order to become a Head Lice Removal Specialist you have to a background check done and drug testing as well…and you can’t be squeamish, because whilst the lice don’t jump, or fly, you have to be able to be down with killing lice and be able to be around their scummy eggs every day…

So, I would surmise that it would actually behoove someone to be a doped up serial killing ass clown in order to work here…because who the fuck in their right mind would be able to stomach doing this anyway!?

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March 5, 2013-Daily Diary Entry

I look outside my window and see the old Asian man walking again; every day, come rain, or shine, he is out there walking around.  It seems to me that he is always exercising his joints to  try and remain limber in his old age.   He’s dressed in his usual attire; the beanie, sunglasses, jacket, sweats and tennis shoes…up and down the stairs he goes…round and round the  perimeters he wonders…he always smiles at me and I always smile back; I wave and say, “hi.”  He doesn’t speak English, but who cares; we understand one and other…I look forward to seeing him every day…it’s my ritual now…and one thing always remains painfully clear to me; that whilst most days I have been inside waiting for death, he is always outside trying to soak up what is left of life.

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